The world's most dangerous cities to live in

In a world brimming with diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures, it's disheartening to recognize the presence of cities struggling with soaring crime rates. As we delve into this exploration of the world's most dangerous cities, we're faced with the stark reality that safety remains a distant dream for many. This gallery shines a light on 30 cities, each grappling with its unique set of challenges. Join us on this journey through the most dangerous cities in the world to live in, and the communities living there that are affected every day. Click on for more.

The welcome signs of every US state (and their meaning)

Welcome signs serve as indicators of having crossed state lines. They are also important tools in marketing a state to visitors. Some US states have really interesting signage; many feature nicknames and slogans, and also make reference to the region's unique landmarks and visitor attractions. So, how do you want to be greeted? In this gallery you'll find the welcome signs for all 50 US states, and the meaning behind them. Click on.

Top winter camps in the UAE teaching desert survival skills, parkour, theatre and more

With the winter holidays upon us, for those families not jetting off for the break there’s a wide array of camps to entertain little ones. Whatever your children’s interests and hobbies, there is a camp that will entertain and educate while helping them make new friends. Here are eight camps in the UAE this winter for children of all ages Abu Dhabi...

Why people keep disappearing from these American national parks

Over 1,000 people have vanished from American national parks in the past 100-odd years, often leaving no trace behind. Check out this gallery to learn more about the freakish cases and the shocking reason behind them.

The deadliest disaster to ever happen in each state

The United States has been hit by natural disasters of all kinds and struck by countless deadly events, including accidents and terrorist attacks. But have you ever wondered what the most devastating disaster was in each state? In this gallery, we delve into American history and bring you the deadliest disasters from each state. Click on to find out all about them.

Here's how to write better

Words have commonly been referred to as the most powerful thing on earth. They can move nations, inspire generations, and sell multi-million dollar products. So, naturally, writing is a skill that many around the world seek to actively improve on. If this is you, then swipe through this gallery to learn how you can change everything about the way you write (for the better).

Fun winter activities to banish the winter blues

Winter means a magical season filled with holiday fun, and special moments with friends and family. But all those chilly days and longer nights can have a way of causing cabin fever! But the good news is research has shown that keeping warm and staying busy during the winter months is necessary to keep away feelings of boredom and isolation. And whether you're indoors or outside, there are plenty of fun winter activities you can engage in! To get you inspired, check out this gallery for a selection of the best winter activities to keep you busy this season.

The best stadiums to watch sports in the world

Sports stadiums are hallowed grounds for eager sports fans. The bump of the crowd, the rhythm of the game, the silence of a pass in mid-air. But not all stadiums are created equal. In this gallery, we highlight the stadiums with the most iconic atmospheres in sport today. These are the arenas that define the essence of sports culture, inviting you to witness the magic that unfolds within their storied walls. Ready? Swipe through to take a look at sports' most sacred stadiums.

Dark tourism: following a gruesome travel itinerary

Are you a "dark tourist," someone who deliberately seeks out places blighted by death, destruction, and tragedy? While traveling the world visiting cemeteries, war memorials, natural disaster sites, and former prisons can, perhaps, satisfy a morbid curiosity, it's also about paying respects to the dead, and remembering what happened and why. Browse the gallery for a gruesome travel itinerary.

Will this be the first country destroyed by climate change?

One of the world's most naturally beautiful countries in the world is also one of the least visited. However, many of us may never have the chance to visit this nation before it vanishes. Tuvalu is an island country located in the west-central Pacific Ocean, approximately halfway between Australia and Hawaii. It is a coral atoll nation, characterized by a ring-shaped coral reef surrounding a lagoon, with islands spread along its rim. Despite being a stunning oasis, Tuvalu faces the imminent threat of disappearing into the ocean. To learn more about the people, the culture, and the challenges facing this unique community, click through the gallery.

Madame Blavatsky: the Russian mystic and occult leader

Helena Blavatsky, also known as Madame Blavatsky, was a 19th-century Russian mystic who co-founded the Theosophical Society and wrote extensively on Theosophy. But who was this woman, really? What was her life like, and what did she believe in? In this gallery, we bring you the fascinating life story of Helena Blavatsky, as well as the movement she represented: Theosophy. Click through to discover more.

Did you know you can visit these legendary battlefields?

Battlefields are tangible reminders of some of the deadliest military clashes in history. The serene landscapes we admire today were once marred by the bloodshed of countless individuals who perished in fierce combat. These sites are meticulously preserved to ensure their significance endures, serving as historical landmarks that bore witness to pivotal campaigns and conflicts that have shaped the course of global wars. Take a virtual journey to these haunting fields where past battles unfolded, and reflect on the magnitude of their impact. Click through the gallery to begin.

Fascinating funeral traditions around the world

Around the world, different cultures practice their own specific traditions when someone passes away, which also reflects a wide variety of beliefs and values. For instance, in some places, funerals are somber affairs, and include people dressed in black mourning over the coffin. In other places, funerals are a lively celebration of the dead, filled with music, dancing, and delicious foods and drinks. Want to take a trip around the globe and examine some funeral traditions? Then click through this gallery.

The glittering and controversial world of diamond mining

Diamonds rank among the most sought-after precious stones on the planet. Their glittering allure and eye-watering value place them at the very top of the must-have jewelry list. But have you ever wondered how diamonds are mined? Extracting this valuable mineral has its roots in the 18th century. And while a highly regulated enterprise today, mining for diamonds has not always enjoyed legitimacy. Even today there are those who mine so-called blood diamonds specifically to fund conflict and criminal activity. So, when did we begin to realize the worth of this prized rock, and who is currently the world's largest producer of diamonds? Click on and dig through the fascinating history of diamond mining.

The most outrageous acts of piracy in history

The sea can be a dangerous place, but not only for its unpredictable storms and mysterious waters. Pirates have been lurking the seven seas for centuries, causing chaos for whomever crossed their paths. Defined as the act of committing robbery by ship, piracy often has the goal of attacking and stealing cargo and other valuable goods from other vessels. But there have also been instances when pirates took over actual islands and kidnapped important figures. So, what are some of history's most audacious acts of piracy? Click on to find out.

The world's smallest airports that are truly remarkable

From icy runways made of compacted snow to perilous clifftop landings, we bring you some of the smallest and most exciting landing strips in the world.

Forbidden camera: tourist sites where photography is strictly prohibited

Many tourists find it almost impossible to go on a trip without documenting every moment. However, issues arise when visitors disregard local laws and capture images where they're not allowed. To prevent any embarrassment, fines, or even facing a potential arrest, it's crucial to know exactly where photography is prohibited. So, on your next vacation, make sure you refrain from taking photos in these locations. Click on to discover where photography is strictly forbidden.

The best looks of Charlotte Casiraghi, queen of French chic

Unveiling the mysterious tales of the English Channel

The English Channel is widely known as one of the most famous waterways globally. It serves as the division between Southern England and northern France, and boasts the highest number of ships passing through on a daily basis, with an astonishing count of around 500 vessels. Throughout history, the English Channel has been witness to numerous battles, invasions, and courageous acts. Its location has granted it great importance over the centuries, being both a pathway and a barrier. This renowned body of water has a rich and intricate history that matches the unpredictability of its currents and tides. Take a captivating and informative journey around the English Channel by browsing through the following gallery.

The captivating story behind the Advent calendar

The lead-up to Christmas is incomplete without an Advent calendar. These calendars, with their little windows that uncover a Christmas scene, a chocolate treat, or even a tiny bottle of alcohol, are adored by people of all ages. But where did this tradition originate, and how has it evolved over time? Like the Christmas tree, the story of the Advent calendar begins in Germany. If you're curious to know more, take a look through the gallery to explore the fascinating history of the Advent calendar.

Too good to be true: living on a cruise ship year-round

The world's most prestigious military academies

The world's most prestigious military colleges and academies have trained and educated some of history's most celebrated and decorated figures from the armed forces. Many of these schools were established well over a hundred years ago as institutions focused on discipline, leadership, and character development. Their graduates, tested to the limit of physical and mental ability, went on to serve their countries with distinction. Today, entry into a top military establishment is equally as competitive and demanding, with many acceptance rates less than 10%. So, where do only the toughest and brightest end up? Click on and take a march through the world's most prestigious military academies.

This is where you should live in the USA based on your personality

With 50 states and thousands of municipalities, America has a little something for everyone. Like-minded people tend to gather near their essential elements, whether that be sunshine or a copious amount of wine, so check out this gallery based on a list by Culture Trip to see where is best for you, depending on your personality.

Ask RideApart: How Do I Prepare For A Long Ride?

Getting ready for a long ride can seem like an arduous task. Let’s break it down and keep it simple.

Badass Off-Road Porsche 911 With Portal Axles Sets Altitude Record

You have a 911 Dakar? That's cute.

Mount Marapi's deadly eruption, plus more of the world's most active volcanoes

As Mount Marapi in Indonesia blows killing 11 hikers, we take a look at some of the biggest explosions over the last decade.

Horrifying behind-the-scenes stories from Disney parks

Over the years, some incredibly strange and disturbing tales have appeared on the internet about this supposed children's paradise. Explore this gallery to uncover some of the most outrageous revelations shared by Disney employees on Reddit, shedding light on the unusual challenges they face during a typical day in the endlessly intriguing world of Disney theme parks.

This is the coldest inhabited place on Earth

There are some truly inhospitable places on Earth where human beings couldn't possibly survive, due to extreme heat, extreme cold, or an unforgiving landscape. There is one such spot in Russia, but somehow, a small town of hardy settlers has managed to survive there for more than a century. It's called Oymyakon and it has registered temperatures below -94°F (-70°C). It's the coldest inhabited place in the world. Intrigued? Click through the gallery and marvel at this frozen spectacle of nature from somewhere warm and cozy.

Socotra Island, the most unworldly place on the planet

Socotra Island covers an area of just 3,626 sq km (1,400 sq m), and yet this tiny Indian Ocean island lying off the coast of Yemen represents a treasure trove of dazzling biodiversity. The largest island in the Socotra archipelago, this is a destination that defies worldly description. Instead its landscape in more alien in nature, a unique collection of habitats that would look more at home on a distant planet in the far reaches of the universe. But Socotra is accessible, and more people are venturing outside their comfort zone to explore this remarkable island and its wealth of rare flora and fauna. So, how adventurous are you? Click through and journey to a place extraterrestrial in looks, and little explored by earthlings.

The pros and cons of moving to the countryside

The hustle and bustle of city living, or the dreamlike serenity of the countryside? Wherever people have lived, whether in a city or the country, they’ve probably fantasized about what life would be like if they made the switch. It may be a case of the grass is always greener. To explore the pros and cons of moving to the countryside, click through this gallery.

Mount Merapi volcano eruption leaves at least 23 dead in Indonesia

At least 23 people are thought to have been killed after Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano erupted twice in two days. Eleven people were initially confirmed dead after the initial eruption on Sunday as 50 climbers were rescued. Rescuers said on Tuesday that more bodies had been found on the volcano's hazardous slopes. Search operations were stopped ...

We've ranked the world's best hotel pools. Do you agree with our No1?

Explore the world's most spectacular hotel swimming pools, from Bali and Norway to Ireland and the USA.

Lufthansa Group presents new online information platform “eXperts » to better inform travel agents

48 local pages to be integrated into one global improved platform New eXperts website will first be launched in the Middle East and TurkeyLufthansa Group is on its mission to improve its marketing communication towards its travel partners and B2B customers world-wide. That is why Europe’s leading airline group today relaunched “eXperts”, the official Lufthansa Group service and information platform for all travel agents. The new “eXperts” is a...

The curse of remembering everything

We've all been in situations where we wished we had perfect memory—whether it's to remember where you put something now lost, or to ace tests we studied hard for, or to be incontestable in an argument over what someone said. But a rare group of people actually have this ability. Hyperthymesia is an ability that allows people to remember nearly every event of their life with immense precision. But while it’s easy to think of the advantages of this kind of memory, there are also many downfalls and complex issues associated with it. Despite how uncommon it is (there are only around 62 recorded cases), the world has in recent years paid greater attention to people with this ability, and we now have more information about this seeming superpower. Intrigued? Click through to learn more about people who have hyperthymesia.

As winter sets in, deadly smog chokes Pakistan

In many places around the world, the advent of fall comes with a slow and beautiful change from green foliage to different hues of brown, red, yellow and orange.There is an undeniable beauty to that season as the weather gets cooler and air crisper.For residents of large parts of Pakistan and northern India, though, this is a long-forgotten experience, as they now herald the season with something else: toxic smog.A thick pall of toxic air begins...

Met office warns of poor horizontal visibility

DOHA: The Meteorology Department has issued a cautionary notice in its daily weather report, alerting residents to expect misty to foggy conditions inshore until 6 pm on Tuesday. The weather is anticipated to be moderate during the daytime, with increasing haziness and a relative drop in temperature by night.The key concern highlighted by the department is the risk of poor horizontal visibility at various locations initially. Inshore wind...

Canada's spectacular World Heritage Sites

6 wonderful things to do in Dubai this week: Dec 6 to 8

Plenty of things to do this (short) week… Looking for some things to do in Dubai this week? There’s plenty from a beachside yoga session to a festive afternoon tea, Dubai Shopping Festival and more… Here are 6 wonderful things to do in Dubai this week: Tuesday, December 6 Treat yourself to a festive afternoon […]

The Dead Sea is set to live, but will the world end? Understand the theory

The Dead Sea is one of the world's saltiest bodies of water. Little if nothing can live in such high salinity. Or so scientists thought. The recent discovery of fish and other marine life swimming in Dead Sea sinkholes is baffling researchers. It's also been seen by some as a sign of a biblical prophecy foretold by Ezekiel in the Old Testament. So, is this remarkable revelation proof that one of the most ancient lakes on the planet can sustain life, or is it an ominous portent of impending End-of-Days? Click through and decide what you believe.

Discover Titanic's tragic secrets at these must-see museums

Your guide to museums around the world dedicated to the doomed ocean liner, RMS Titanic.

Diego Garcia: the secrets behind the remote US military base

The island of Diego Garcia, home to one of the most mysterious US military bases, is plagued by controversy and entangled in many high-profile conspiracy theories. Exiled natives have been protesting for years for the right to return to the island after they were forced to leave and make way for secret military operations. Some theorists even believe that the missing Malaysia Airline Flight 370 was hidden on the island. Intrigued? Click through the gallery to learn more about this mysterious military base.

Would you step foot on the Devil's bridge?

Located in the northern region of Portugal, on the border separating Montalegre and Vieira do Minho, stands an ancient bridge rumored to have been constructed by the Devil. Spanning the picturesque Rabagão River in the midst of the verdant Gerês mountain range, the Misarela Bridge is a mystical destination that should not be overlooked. Dive into the captivating tale behind the origins of this mysterious structure and discover the supernatural scares experienced by its visitors to this day.

Did sin really destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah holds considerable weight in the Bible, and grabs the attention of many. These cities were completely annihilated as a consequence of sin. With the exception of one man and his family, everyone and everything was destroyed. But why did Sodom and Gomorrah face the wrath of God? And what exactly were the sins committed by their residents? Click through and lean more about this notorious biblical tale.

The most iconic wedding dresses in history

Each era has a wedding dress that defines it. From Audrey Hepburn in her 1960s mini dress to Princess Diana engulfed in clouds of taffeta, the fashion icons in this gallery have gone down in history for their incredible wedding attire. Explore the unforgettable wedding gowns sported by royals, first ladies, actresses, and music legends. Prepare to be inspired by these glamorous brides!

Dark Tourism: visiting Chernobyl, Auschwitz and other places with a tragic past

Letizia of Spain: the inside story of an 'obsessive' queen

America's secret airline the government doesn't want you to know about

Did you know that the US government operates a top-secret airline called Janet? The airline tends to fly under the radar, even though it operates out of commercial airports. However, if you've never noticed the discreet, unmarked aircraft fleet, you're not the only one. Janet's operations and the activities of the passengers it transports are highly classified, but take a look at what is known about the airline in the following gallery.

Infamously bad celebrity hotel guests

When you've spent time a hotel room, chances are the most havoc you've wreaked was raiding the hotel mini-bar. But that's not the case for many A-listers. Hotels are supposed to be discreet with their celebrity guests, but the rich and famous have been notoriously creative with their destructive behavior. From '70s rock icons to kid actors-turned-troublemakers, stars have ended up owing a lot of money in damages; some have even been slapped with lifelong bans. So, click through the gallery to find out: which stars are considered the worst hotel guests ever?

Visiting Dubai's Burj Khalifa? ‘At The Top’ ticket prices, best time to be there, all you need to know

If you are planning to visit the deck to take in the gorgeous view, then here is a comprehensive guide to visiting 'At The Top'

They emptied a lake in Madrid and found something unexpected!